Every year students appear for further studies after their S.S.C examination. Being aware that English is the universal language and it's a core towards pursuing any kind of profession or occupation. This time we came up with a unique project to help the Vernacular students from Urdu schools who are going to step into the outside world for their betterment and help them mould into it. Our "Spoken English" project started from 11th April 2016 to 11th May 2016. This 30 days program had a motive of giving vernacular students a chance to learn and experience this universal language, which would further help them in building their future. Infrastructure was supported by Ideal Education Movement, GET had 11 centers across Mumbai, more than 700 students enrolled for the same with our well qualified teachers and professors helping these students learn the real form of "English". From the roots of grammar to communication to Personality Development, these aspects were exposed in front of students for better understanding of the future they would choose. It not just helped them improve in their language but also gave them a boost of confidence and an interest to learn more about it. We received a great response from student. We hope to help many more in future.

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