Teaching At BMC Schools

Every Year, approximately 10,000 students appear for the State Board Examination from BMC schools in Mumbai alone. The results in the past have shown that only around 20-30% of these pass their Board exams. With a vision to achieve 100% results in BMC schools at the Std. 10 Board Exams, MT Educare along with GET has been conducting Free Grade Improvement classes for students of Std 10th.

During the academic year 2012-13, 8069 students were coached in Mathematics, Science and English. The results were great. 10 students (7 of Marathi medium and 3 of Urdu medium) scored more than 90% marks in the SSC Board examination, which was a record in itself. The overall passing percentage was 66.75%.

These numbers were improved further in the year 2013-14, where around 8906 students were being trained by our expert faculties across 132 BMC schools for grade improvement. The results were outstanding. 24 students scored 90% & above marks in the SSC board examination and the pass percentage increased to 71%.

In the academic year 2014-15, with support from Tata Motors Limited, GET started coaching students in Std IX itself, in order to train them intensively and help them maximise their performance in the SSC Board exams. This took the tally of students being coached in BMC schools to 23,224—a huge jump from the previous year!

In the academic year 2014-15, MT Educare coached students from 140 BMC Schools from 4 mediums—English, Semi English, Hindi and Urdu. Of the 9239 students that appeared for the exam, 75% passed the examination with 24 students scoring 90% marks and above. The topper from the BMC schools scored a whopping 94.25%.

In the academic year 2015-16, MT Educare conducted virtual lectures for Std. 10th and Regular Lectures for students of Std. 9th & 10th. Monthly Tests were conducted for exam practice. Motivational Lectures were organized by Tata Motors Limited in some schools too. The efforts showed great improvement in results and the passing percentage increased to 78.88%. 30 students scored 90% and above. The BMC school topper from English Medium scored 94.40%.

In the academic year 2016-17, MT Educare coached students from BMC Schools (English, Marathi, Hindi and Urdu Mediums). The passing percentage was 72.69%. 7,972 students scored passing marks. 29 students scored 90% and above. The BMC school topper, from Marathi Medium, scored 93.20%.

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Back to School in Uttarakhand

GET actively participated in the rehabilitation efforts in areas ravaged by the devastating floods in Uttarakhand in June 2013. We carried out a comprehensive survey of the region to identify the locations where help pertaining to school education was most required and allocated funds for them. In Guptakashi, since only part of the school building had collapsed; we erected a new wall, strengthened the remaining structure and provided benches, a Blackboard and a cupboard to the school. As a humanitarian gesture, we also paid the teachers 15% of their salary to motivate them to continue against all odds.

However in Kalimath, the entire school building had been washed away. Here we reconstructed the school using colour-coated fabricated steel for the Foundation and the Super structure. In Silli village, since they did not have their own land, the villagers wanted a temporary structure which we put up with a steel frame that could be dismantled and shifted to another permanent site in the future. Here too we supplied them with the entire school furniture, blackboard and benches and also paid the teachers 100% of their salaries.

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Kashmir Relief Work

In September 2014, Jammu & Kashmir witnessed disastrous floods across a majority of its districts. A total of 2500 villages were affected and thousands of people were rendered homeless. At GET, we felt that it was our moral responsibility to contribute in whatever form we could to help the victims rebuild their lives.

In various villages we provided

  • Warm clothes (jackets, coats, mufflers, gloves, sweaters, caps, footwear, socks, etc.)
  • Bed Linen (blankets, bed sheets, quilts, pillows, covers, etc.)
  • Food packets (sugar, salt, dal, milk powder, cereals, pulses, biscuits, etc.)
  • Stationary (books, pencils, benches, black boards , chalk, dusters)
  • Other necessities (torches, batteries, candles, matchboxes, rope, tooth paste, tooth brush, towels, napkins, soap, bandages, etc.)
  • Basic utensils (stove, plates, glasses, cups, spoons, etc.)
  • Medicines (disinfectants, ointments, anti-septic liquids, etc.)

This year as well we have set aside a contingency fund that can be used in case any other part of our country is affected by a natural disaster.

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How Robomate+ Helps

  • Conceptual Clarity & Analytical Understanding

    Conceptual clarity is a vital key to help students understand content and make connections between what is taught and their own experiences. Robomate+ helps by:

    • Providing simple and easy explanations that students can understand
    • Enabling learning at a pace according to the difficulty level of the topic
    • Explaining through examples and graphical representation
    • Recaps for better understanding
    • Use of Audio Visual multimedia for better retention and reinforcement
  • Additional Support to Classroom Lectures

    A student need not worry about missing lectures due to unavoidable circumstances anymore. Robomate+ offers access to all lectures which allows to make up for lost curriculum

  • Doubt-Solving

    Robomate+ enables a student to re-visit doubts time and again till complete understanding of the topic / solution is found. .

  • Revision

    Revising a subject has never been more effective. With Robomate, a student can view lectures multiple times for recaps and thinking sessions. Use of multimedia ensures that the sensory organs readily accept and retain the topic while the learning framework ensures retention, how to connect it with last moment information and what you will know or be able to do as a result of such a lesson. Such consistent revisions from Robomate+ will help you retain topics better and deliver extraordinary results 

  • Help Before Exams

    Just like a friend in need, Robomate+ stands by your side 24 x 7 during stressful exam times, helping you cope with study loads, exam pressure and at the same time helping you grasp subject material. Robomate+ is indeed your friend, helping you beat exam stress as well as solving all your last minute exam-related queries over and over again!