If you give back what you get in life, only then can you say that you have lived. As the most evolved species on Earth, it is our prerogative to not just abide by this principle, but do much more.

Always ask yourself, “Can I make a difference to even one person with my actions?”. Those less privileged than us struggle for the most basic amenities, while trying to maintain their self-respect. Many a time, they lose this struggle and sink into a state of despair and helplessness. This is where we can make a difference and help them live their lives with their heads held high. If we can invest just a little of our time and effort, the returns will be evident on the faces of the nameless thousands who want to live with dignity and in peace. We will be able to rekindle in them the spirit to dream, hope and achieve.

It is my utmost pleasure to say that MT Educare & Global Education Trust are together associated with many NGOs and individuals who are aspiring towards similar goals. There are no words to express the depth of my gratitude to each and every individual who is striving to help the needy.

Thank you.

Mahtab Khan

CSR Head, MT Educare Ltd.